Problem creating connection to InfluxDB when using sandbox and Chronograf OAuth security

I am new to the TICK stack so I started with testing the sandbox and everything worked as expected.
Then I wanted to try Chronograf OAuth security so I configured the
following the example in documentation Managing Chronograf security and I got the ‘Log in with Google’ button.
After login I am redirected to the ‘Welcome’ screen and to continue I use the ‘Get started’ button.
I need to add a new connection but when I try to add then I get the error ‘Unable to connect to the InfluxDB Influx 1: Error contacting source’

When I do the API call http://localhost:8888/chronograf/v1/sources then I receive [] but if I do the same when not using OAuth security I receive sources information in the response.

My question is if I need to do some other changes in the sandbox configuration to be able to use OAuth security?

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