Kapacitor tracking minimum value in a stream

I have a very simple question about Kapacitor, I am trying to understand if it can fit for my project, but so far I wasn’t been able to run even basic examples.

I have an InfluxDB database (on the same host) and measurement TableA that gets new data a few times a second. I can also display this data in Grafana which works great! Now I am trying to do some basic data processing. I want to create an additional measurement TableB that would track minimum value of a column in TableA over a minute interval.

This is what I did

dbrp "demo_2018"."autogen"
|mean('latency_ms')#column in latency_1 measurement

Then I run:

kapacitor define min -type stream -tick ./min.tick
kapacitor enable min

my logs:

ts=2018-04-04T15:30:36.969+02:00 lvl=debug msg="starting task" service=kapacitor task_master=main task=min
ts=2018-04-04T15:30:36.970+02:00 lvl=info msg="started task" service=kapacitor task_master=main task=min

At this point I was expecting a new measurement ‘derived_system’ appearing in my demo_2018 database, however nothing happened, I do not see any errors or results of the above script.

Could you please point to what step I have missed here.