Kapacitor communication error

It looks like I am getting the below error when I try to create a new alert from dashboard.
It used to work before but it just stopped working. I restarted all TICK services and also restarted the instance couple of times but it doesn’t seem to work.
I also checked the listening port for kapacitor which is 9092 but the instance is not listening on it.


root@server# kapacitor show test
Get http://localhost:9092/kapacitor/v1/tasks/test?dot-view=attributes&replay-id=&script-format=formatted: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

root@server# tail /var/log/kapacitor/kapacitor.log
[task_master:main] 2017/10/25 16:56:56 I! closed
[run] 2017/10/25 16:56:56 I! server shutdown completed
[run] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! Kapacitor starting, version 1.3.2, branch HEAD, commit 2b6a049e5b9dc7d7e8d58a8bbde8d186dc8543e3
[run] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! Go version go1.7.5
[srv] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! Kapacitor hostname: localhost
[srv] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! ClusterID: f1164ff1-76be-4d2a-a0a8-10be33b00448 ServerID: b42c5a01-d817-4f51-8416-1771ebc7f9ae
[task_master:main] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! opened
[task_master:main] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! Started task: chronograf-v1-39218d55-814b-4213-a31d-783840b26731
[edge:chronograf-v1-39218d55-814b-4213-a31d-783840b26731|batch->batch0] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 I! aborting c: 0 e: 0
[chronograf-v1-39218d55-814b-4213-a31d-783840b26731:query1] 2017/10/25 16:58:18 E! batch run aborted