Kapacitor alerting error

Hi all, im trying to do alerting through kapacitor and while defining the kapacitor define task i get the following error please help and im trying to do it behind a organizations proxy:
kapacitor define cpu_alert -type stream -tick sample.tick -dbrp kapacitor_example.autogen
ERR:Post http://localhost:9092/kapacitor/v1/tasks: dial tcp [::1]:9092: getsockopt: connection refused

@Praphooldhole That would indicate that you don’t have the kapacitord process running at localhost:9092. Can you try running kapacitord in a separate terminal window and then retrying that command? If you want to connect to a remote kapacitor instance you would need to set the KAPACITOR_URL environment variable.

thanks Jack, setting up the env variable helped me solve the issue.