Join conflict in InfluxDB 2.7

I am using InfluxDB 2.7.0 and trying to perform the outer join.

import "join"
import "sql"

left =

right =

    left: left,
    right: right,
    on: (l, r) =>,
    as: (l, r) => {
        id = if exists then else
        return {name:, location: r.location, id: id}

This query is working fine.
But when I am writing the query

output2 = join(
    tables: {d1: left , d2: right},
    on: ["tag1","tag2"],

This join is not working.
But when I remove import "join" 2nd join also works fine.

Is there any difference between these two join?

but in InfluxDB 2.4.0 first join is not working but second join is working fine.

Why this conflict is happening? is it expected?


You cannot use the older join() if you use the join library. import "join"

you should use instead join.inner()