Is it possible to start 2 tasks at the same time so they process the same range?

I have a use case where I need to process a stream of data points every 1hr and downsample by applying a mean, and outputting the aggregate reading to a separate measurement.

The issue I have is the data often arrives late due to significant latency in receiving the data. Therefore, I want one “task” that runs every 1hr in real-time to generate the aggregate value for each hour. Then I want to run a second “task” that runs at the same time as the first, but is “offset” by an hour. This gives an opportunity to receive additional packets that are late and update the generated aggregate value from the initial “task” that processes the data in real-time.

Therefore, I want to guarantee that when the second task runs, it updates the initial aggregate value generated by the first task.

To do this I’d assume the tasks have to start at the same time so they process the same range of dat for each hourly interval.

How do I do this? Using the GUI interface I see that when I start the two tasks, there is a slight delay in seconds. Is there an option to schedule when it starts?


Hello @MPH1984,
You can use the offset option in a task: