Is it possible to install influxdb in /opt?

I am looking for the ways to install the TICK components into the anyother directory except /etc.

Hello @aman05,
Welcome to InfluxData community! Out of curiosity, are you new to Influx? If so why are you interested in 1.x over 2.x? What OS are you using? You can change the location where you install the binary when you perform wget.
Also this could interest you:

Hi @Anaisdg ,

Yes, i am new to Influx. i did the wget in /opt only. but when installing the rpm it is installing it in /etc by default. I am using RHEL8.

Only the configuration files should be placed into /etc by the RPM. The rest of the will go into /usr/share (I think).

Do you not want the service config files to be in /etc/?