IPv4 or IPv6 while pushing data to influxdb?


When pushing data to influxdb from collectd/opentsdb/graphite, through a socket ,

Which is recommended, “:port_number”(IPv6) or “”(IPv4) ?
and why ?


@luv I’m not sure I understand this question. Are you talking about in the configuration? Can you post a concrete example?


Yeah in configuration,

When we enable graphite/opentsdb/collectd ,

we can enable the port by 2 ways-

  1. port = “:port” —> This makes it an ipv6 socket
  2. port = “” -----> this makes it an ipv4 socket

Which is better to use and why ?


@Luv I don’t think there are significant differences between the two. Either one is acceptable and just as performant.

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