Graphite Protocol TLS support in influxdb 1.8

I have seen the influxline and openTSDB document support for TLS configuration. However, I could not find the same for Graphite. What configuration is needed to send data to influxdb using graphite protocol with TLS support?
(Influx 1.8)?

Hello @vipinvkmenon,
have you seen:

Hi Anaisdg,

Thank you for the reply… I had gone through the links provided… What seems to be missing is…

The graphite protocol does not give the flags or parameters to set certificates or ssl in graphite protocol. ( Itlf we see the configurations for influxline and opentsdb we see the setting for TLS certificates.

I had checked the link you have sent and also the sample configuration for graphite does not indicate such configuration for certificates.

The global TLS link that was suggested also only mentions TLS versions and not about configuring certificates.

Do you mean to say configuring HTTP with TLS reflects on graphite protocol as well… ??? (But why different for openTSDB :thinking:)?