Storing IP Addresses


I’m brand new to Influxdb and want to create a database that will track srcip,dstip, srcprt, dstport information. I will then want to run queries based on any combination of source/destination ip/port information. Is influx capable of storing an IP as a value such as srcip = or do I need to create the database as srcip1 = 192, srcip2 = 168 srcip3 = 1 srcip4 = 1?

I realize this is a very rudimentary question, but this being my first attempt at creating and Influx db I want to know which would be more appropriate and which would result in faster query responses if both are appropriate?


I understand that if I store the srcip as I would need to store it in a string format. What would the performance impact be of storing it as a string versus a four part integer?


Well I just found a way to store the IP as an Ineger:

To calculate the decimal address from a dotted string, perform the following calculation.
(first octet * 256³) + (second octet * 256²) + (third octet * 256) + (fourth octet)

Which still leaves the question, would the query results be faster for a string or an Int? My gut feeling is the Int would be faster but looking for confirmation.