Inputs.Modbus Float 32bit byte swap not get real value

Hi all,

I tried following setting, the result is different
holding_registers = [ { name = "voltage1", byte_order = "CDAB", data_type = "FLOAT32", scale=0.01, address = [2,3]}, ]

Two holding register (2,3), This combines 2 16 bit Modbus register,
Data type: 32 bit float, little endian byte swap

Tested Result shown below ( is not final value)
type=holding_register voltage1=11313223.24 1613223318000000000
Final Value should be between 238.45 to 239.10

how to convert or improve this, Kindly provide your best solutions.

I suspect that either the byte_order is wrong or the address is wrong. Maybe shifted by one?
How do the raw bytes look?

Hi Franktly, Thanks for your reply. I tried to change address order map, Now its working.
Float32- IEEE