6 digit address in modbus holding register

Hi I have a problem
the meter SIEMENS PAC3220 use 6 digit address for holding an input registers but telegraf have only acces for 5 digit adress
mi address holdin register is between 300002 and 300120 but i have a error
2024-03-21T19:19:49Z E! error loading config file ioninf1.conf: error parsing modbus, line 146: (modbus.fieldDefinition.Address) value 300002 is out of range for uint16

My limited understanding of modbus is the addresses are limited to 0–65,535. Are you certain that value is not the register?

@srebhan thoughts?

yes any industrial meters or another have this
for example
address modbus

@Compras_Cuasmiquer the addressed you point to do use the first digit for the register type, so in 300120 the first 3 denotes the “input register” set and 120 is the register address in the input register. For Telegraf you can address this register by choosing input for the register type and 120 for the address.