Influxdb Cloud MODBUS telegraf -> datatype FIXED

I’m using Telegraf (v1.25.0) to get data from a modbus device and store the data simultaneously in Influxdb OSS (influxdb2-2.5.1-windows-amd64) and Influxdb Cloud.

Influxdb Cloud Behavior -
When I use data_type=“UFIXED”, for decimal fixed point representation, the Influxdb Cloud shows the message No Data Returned.
When I use data_type=“UINT16”, for the SAME datapoint, the Influxdb Cloud shows the stored data normally, but this representation doesn’t show the decimal fixed point, it only show the integer part of the original value read from Modbus device.

Influxdb Cloud OSS -
When I use both data types, data_type=“UFIXED” or data_type=“UINT16”, Influxdb OSS shows the stored data normally

Could you please, check if telegraf (v1.25.0) data using datatypes data_type=“UFIXED” and data_type=“FIXED” are working correctly with Influxdb Cloud?

Did someone faced this issue?

see below the MODBUS configuration in telegraf.conf:

# Retrieve data from MODBUS slave devices

name = “XXX_modbus”
slave_id = 1
timeout = “2s”
busy_retries = 0
busy_retries_wait = “100ms”
controller = “tcp://”
configuration_type = “register”

holding_registers = [
{ measurement=“mbms_pile”, address=[1240], name=“communication_status”, byte_order = “AB”, data_type=“UINT16”, scale=1.0 },
{ measurement=“mbms_pile”, address=[800], name=“basic_status”, byte_order = “AB”, data_type=“UINT16”, scale=1.0 },
{ measurement=“mbms_pile”, address=[801], name=“protect_info”, byte_order = “AB”, data_type=“UINT16”, scale=1.0 },
{ measurement=“mbms_pile”, address=[802], name=“alarm_info”, byte_order = “AB”, data_type=“UINT16”, scale=1.0 },
{ measurement=“mbms_pile”, address=[803], name=“bat_volt(V)”, byte_order = “AB”, data_type=“UFIXED”, scale=0.1 },

Hello @Ricardo_Souza,
Hmm I’m not sure. What version of OSS are you using?
To me it looks like you have to use one of the following datatypes in your telegraf config. I’m kinda surprised the one you put works:

It might be a bug for OSS rather.
@Jay_Clifford do you know?

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@Anaisdg Thanks for your reply.

I’m using the MODBUS input plugin.
Modbus Master Monitoring | InfluxData
I already could make the Influxdb cloud works after changing the measurement names. So, for this moment the problem is solved.


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