Different data types for same field

i am collecting data from telegraf plugins into influxDB. the data was reporting as integer since the begining, but one day it started reporting as float and now i see the below error in the logs:

: field type conflict: input field “pid_count” on measurement “procstat_lookup” is type float, already exists as type integer dropped=416; discarding points

after reading some threads on google i came to know that Types for fields are done at the shard level so each shard can have a different type.
how can i identify those shards that has float type data so that i can delete them and data loading may start again.

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Was the version of telegraf ever updated? If so please run the following with each version, otherwise, just once with the current version and paste the output:
telegraf --config /path/to/your/telegraf.conf --input-filter procstat --test

>2019-10-18T09:05:46Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.11.2
> system,host=brazil2 load1=7.8,load15=7.14,load5=7.35,n_cpus=4i,n_users=4i 1571389547000000000
> system,host=brazil2 uptime=6830362i 1571389547000000000
> system,host=brazil2 uptime_format=“79 days, 1:19” 1571389547000000000

all the data was integer from the starting… is there a way i can find out when did float value or values started appearing? this is happening with plugins like [[inputs.system]] or [[inputs.processes]] etc.