Different data types for same field

i am collecting data from telegraf plugins into influxDB. the data was reporting as integer since the begining, but one day it started reporting as float and now i see the below error in the logs:

: field type conflict: input field “pid_count” on measurement “procstat_lookup” is type float, already exists as type integer dropped=416; discarding points

after reading some threads on google i came to know that Types for fields are done at the shard level so each shard can have a different type.
how can i identify those shards that has float type data so that i can delete them and data loading may start again.

Was the version of telegraf ever updated? If so please run the following with each version, otherwise, just once with the current version and paste the output:
telegraf --config /path/to/your/telegraf.conf --input-filter procstat --test

>2019-10-18T09:05:46Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.11.2
> system,host=brazil2 load1=7.8,load15=7.14,load5=7.35,n_cpus=4i,n_users=4i 1571389547000000000
> system,host=brazil2 uptime=6830362i 1571389547000000000
> system,host=brazil2 uptime_format=“79 days, 1:19” 1571389547000000000

all the data was integer from the starting… is there a way i can find out when did float value or values started appearing? this is happening with plugins like [[inputs.system]] or [[inputs.processes]] etc.