Type conflict: input field on measurement type integer, already exists as type float


I’m new with Influx and Telegraf. I’m using an input.exec to write to influx the result of a file.

The database was created by Telegraf. After a few entries I started to see errors like

received error partial write: field type conflict: input field “total.requestlist.avg” on measurement “exec” is type integer, already exists as type float

Since it’s not for every time, I understand that part the values are float compatible. What can I do to solve it ? Is it possible to change the data type of the field to something compatible between the two ?


Full disclosure: I’m also still new to influx, but yes I think you could do either approach.

If you have control over this collector you could modify how it’s writing to the file. More often though the data being collected is produced by someone else outside your control. For the latter, take a look at the telegraf processor helpers .

No idea if it’s recommended to use them this way, but I’ve been happy with how they’ve worked in my setup. (YMMV). You basically add the processor converter declaration below your existing config in telegraf and tell it to coerce one or more fields or tags into another data type that matches what’s in influxdb.