Input.vsphere error net/http: **TLS** handshake timeout

Hello all
When i configure vsphere input from one of our vcenter we got the following erorr
we have checked the vcenter all look good and the cert is ok
any advice how can i handle this error

telegraf version : 1.25.1
E! [inputs.vsphere] Error in plugin: Post “”: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

This is most likely a networking issue between your telegraf and the vsphere:

Are you using a proxy either as an env. setting or between you and the vsphere instance?
Do you have a firewall blocking port 443 (HTTPS) traffic?

the vsphere vcenter and the telegraf agent is on the same network no no firewall between the components

and i dont use proxy in my env

there is option to change the timeout ?

I would be hesitant to change a timeout if these are on the same network. It would indicate that something else is up with the connection or the settings between the vsphere and telegraf.

Since you are using https, are you using any custom certificates to access the vsphere? Are those added to the system’s keychain?

Thanks for the replay
I using cert created by internal CA
how I added the keychain to the system ?

If you take a look at the vsphere readme there is a section in the config for custom SSL settings including certs. That is probably your best way forward.

Thanks for info
i will try to add CA cert to the configuration

what is ssl_key and ssl_cert
can you point me to some docs or advice me about ssl cert configuration