Tls error in inputs.http_response

When I use the http_response input plugin to post to an https web api (using client certificates) I receive the following error – local error: tls: no renegotiation. Does the plugin support TLS renegotiation? Does it require client/server to use a particular version of the TLS protocol?

address = “https://mywebapi
ssl_cert = “my.crt”
ssl_key = “my.key”


It appears that renegotiation is disabled by default in the Go TLS library:

// Renegotiation controls what types of renegotiation are supported.
// The default, none, is correct for the vast majority of applications.
Renegotiation RenegotiationSupport

Can you open a new issue on the Telegraf github for this?

Hi @daniel,

Was this issue ever resolved ? I am facing the exact same issue with connecting to an https endpoint for monitoring


It hasn’t been resolved, but I just opened an issue for it: Allow configuring TLS renegotiation in http_response input · Issue #3832 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub