[[input.http]] Field in urls?

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Is it possible to use a field as url in [[input.http]] ?

  urls = [

I’am still trying to “chain” plugins :

1/ Receive a JSON though [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]]
2/ Extract fields from it. One of them is an URL
3/ Use the URL field as [[inputs.http]] “urls”
4a/ Parse JSON, CSV or strings content received from previous request
4b/ For CSV data, keep original JSON fields to inject in ALL outputs (one for each line)
5/ output to Influxdb

Any idea/help/comment ?
Thanks for help,

I don’t think that’s possible, in toml you can’t even define variables to be used in the script itself. also, plugin chaining is not possible (you can “chain” only processors and aggregators and other general instructions like filters) but not input with input.

Since you are dealing with different data formats, you will have to define a different [[inputs.http]] section for each one of them, otherwise, you won’t be able to serialize the data in a valid format.

Each one of those sources can then be passed in some processor, for complicated stuff there is also a regex processors available.

The question is too general to give you specific answers. especially about data processing, if you need additional help once you come up with some actual configuration just post it here

If inputs plugin can’t be “chained”, this answers to my question :frowning:
Would be a great improvement,
Thanks for the answer,

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