Can't use the json_v2 plugin of telegraf to extract the correct fields in my json

I’m out of ideas out to parse my simple Json data in Telegraf

I have this file

  "inc_code": "I1",
  "sensors": [
      "n": 1,
      "aX": 12
      "n": 2,
      "aX": 50

and my expected output in telegraf is

I1, n=1 aX=12
I1, n=2 aX=50

How should be the file?

I’ve tried

     measurement_name_path = "inc_code"
          path = "sensors.#.n"
          path = "sensors.#.aX"
          type = "float"

which results in

I1,n=1 aX=12 1690565287967408422
I1,n=1 aX=50 1690565287967408422
I1,n=2 aX=12 1690565287967408422
I1,n=2 aX=50 1690565287967408422

Where is a duplication of the values. I don’t need lines two and three!

Any ideas?

Looked at all examples and concluded that The following setup solves it, but i dont understand it.
Can anyone explain me why it works?

measurement_name_path = “inc_code”
disable_prepend_keys = true
path = “@this
tags = [“sensors_n”]

The output
I1, n=1 aX=12
I1, n=2 aX=50

In particular i dont understand the function of

path = “@this
sensors_n underscore why?

What docs did you use? I refer to the one on GitHub

@this: Returns the current element. It can be used to retrieve the root element. (docs here)
tags = [“sensors_n”] for a nested key, prepend the parent keys with underscores, therefore it just navigates from the path to the key, _ should be the separator sensors_n = CurrentPath -> sensors -> n

I’ve read that.
But in my case in path using



Should not result in the same output?

Not sure if I understand the difference between . and _

Anyway it works now