Influxdb writing issue for python using UDP

When I use UDP protocol for writing data into influxdb it doesn’t create measurement and do not write data into influxdb, it also don’t show any kind of writing error or issues, just simply run without writing data into influxdb. If I use line protocol method then it’s take quite a long time for writing data.

here is my connection string:
client=InfluxDBClient(host=‘localhost’,database=‘webyug_test’, use_udp=True, udp_port=4444)
client.write_points(json_body, batch_size=5000 , time_precision = ‘s’)

Here is settings for configuration file: influx.conf
enabled = false
bind-address = “:8089”
database = “table_test”
retention-policy = "
precision = “s”
batch-size = 5000
batch-pending = 10
batch-timeout = “1s”
read-buffer = 0


Can anybody please help me regarding this issue ? anything else I need to take care ?