CSV data Write operation is very slow in speed using python

When I write the csv file in influxdb, it takes quite long time to write the data. How to speed up process to write data using python ?

Hello @jayesh_joshi,
You might want to look into using the python client library and setting a large batch_size. I like this tutorial for getting started with the python and influxdb.
batch_size ( int ) – value to write the points in batches instead of all at one time. Useful for when doing data dumps from one database to another or when doing a massive write operation, defaults to None

Is this helpful?



@Anaisdg … Thank you for your reply. I’ll try to implement that.

Could you please check this doubt. I am not sure why it is not running for me.

Hello @Puneet_Gupta,
Thank you for your question. You can’t write a df to the db. I believe you need to convert your df to line protocol. Can you please return some rows from your df?