InfluxDB taking more than 30 minutes to delete small amounts of data

We are currently using influxdb v1.7.8. Deleting any data of 1 measurement as small as 2000 entries in one day time frame is taking around 30 minutes.
The measurement has 1 tag and 2 fields.
Currently influx is running on a vm with the following specs -
vCPU - 16
RAM - 32GB
Disk Space Total - 2TB
Disk Used - 68%

On the database when read and write operations are taking place it takes 30 minutes
But when there is only write operations without any read operations it takes 1.2 minutes

Usually the db consumes ~40% cpu and ~50% RAM
During deletion the db consumes ~60% cpu and ~60% RAM

Sharing link to show stats output - stats.csv - Google Drive

Could you help me out with why read which is a non blocking operation causing issues in deletion.
Let me know if any additional information is required.
Thanks in advance !