Slow Delete when filtered by time

I am downsampling my data and moving to a different DB, then I want to delete the moved points from the original database (size constraints). I’m deleting everything older than a given timestamp, but it is very slow (10 min per delete operation) no matter the number of points in the time period. I tried with a period (between this and this timestamp) where I know how many points I have. It’s the same - 10k or 100k or 400k points - they all take 10-12min do delete. The database has a total of 400 milion points.
If anyone can shed some light on why it is so slow, please do.

Hello @krumov,
What version are using?
If you’re moving data to a different DB might it be easier to migrate data you want to keep to a new DB in a new instance?
Can you also share details on how you’re performing the delete?

I’m using 1.8.
The delete is a simple "DELETE FROM measurement WHERE time < ‘givenTimestamp’ " .
Can you elaborate on your suggestion on the migration.