Influxdb relay setup for centos7

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Anybody can provide the steps to configure influxdb Relay, Currenty i have 2 GCP centos machines . I need to setup influxdb relay

Hi @anoop_hegde,

Unfortunately we do not support InfluxDB Relay.

Hi…I do have one issue but hoping to resolve that: I setup virtual hosts for all things like this, then use a ProxyPass request to send the request to the correct port on my server, that way I don’t have to deal with ports on the client side. This worked great for grafana, however for influxdb I get a 404 error.

Hi, I tried configuring a HTTP(S) reverse proxy too.

Forwarding to running Influxdb v2.0 (under localhost:9999 for example) doesn’t work as expected. It’s not possible in Influxdb v2.0 to configure the externally visible path (e.g. influxdb/). However, some parts of the API like the write API work this way.

As an working alternative, I configured a reverse proxy for to localhost:9999. This works without any problems (even with https).

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Hi Raw,
Could you please help here
am seeing the memory usage is more after moving to tsi1. if i use inmem am getting 10G free space. let me know is there any other parameter need to change with respect to tsi1 convert?
Is there any standard configuration for memory allocation?