InfluxDB query proxy

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I’m using Grafana to visualize my SNMP data in InfluxDB. While Grafana supports multiple data sources on the same panel, it does not support (from what I can see, someone correct me if I’m wrong) aggregating those data sources into the same graph line.

I have two separate InfluxDB instances - one on the east coast and one on the west coast. I’m not really interested in clustering these because of the distance, nor do I need replication between them for high availability, nor am I interested in writing data points to two backends simultaneously. But, the same fields & tags are being written to both (everything is basically identical - database names, retention policies, measurements, CQ’s, etc. etc. etc.) - so what I would like is to issue a single query to maybe a transparent proxy which would talk to both InfluxDB instances and return the data from each instance into a single result set.

I looked at InfluxDB Relay but this appears to load balance queries between multiple Influx backends, and this isn’t what I want.

Does such a thing exist?

After doing more digging it doesn’t even look like InfluxDB Relay will work against reads, only writes. So I just sucked it up and set up relays on each of my nodes to point to themselves and the other node.

Where are you hosting InfluxDB ? If you are using AWS to deploy and run those, you can use Route 53’s geolocation based routing to route read queries to the “nearest” InfluxDB instance.

It’s self-hosted, but again I wasn’t interested in querying a single db instance, but proxying a single query to multiple db instances at the same time.

Setting up the relays has solved my problem but in a less-than-desirable way.

Hi @jjensen, we have build a fully transparent relay for both query and write ops ( ans special API for admin queries, like create database, users, etc). Also other advanced features like smart routing, filtering and data transformation. Perhaps you can test this relay in your use case. Let me know if you would like to test it in order to help you.

Influxdb Smart Relay