Using 3rd party’s Grafana datasource proxy endpoint as InfluxDB datasource

Hey there! I’m cross-posting this one here from Grafana community to see if anyone has experience plugging in/exposing an InfluxDB accessed via Grafana proxy APIs:

We’re using Grafana to monitor how a third party service is performing inside our infrastructure. Since it’s deployed in a VM, we gather its metrics in a pretty black-box way.

However, the team that provide us with the VM image has also a completely different (private) Grafana with way more insights that would be awesome to integrate on our own. We do have guest access to this one and I was able to determine they’re using InfluxDB and “reverse-engineer” requests to fetch metrics using the proxy endpoint.

I could scrape InfluxDB using said API and virtually use it as it was a regular data source with curl and the Grafana session cookie. I’m wondering whether I can somehow plug this endpoint into our Grafana so I can use it seamlessly. So far I think this is not that straightforward since AFAIK data sources do not support cookies as auth. mechanism.

Anyone here has experience with this? Thanks!

PD. And yes, probably best way would be to ask for read-only access to their InfluxDB directly. But I don’t think they’ll give it to us without a fight