Virtual Machine, Grafana and Influxdb

Hye everyone !

On my PC (windows 10) i’ve got an ubuntu virtual machine. On this virtual machine i’ve installed influxdb and laucnh it, create my database and add some metrics on it. I’ve installed Grafana too on this virtual machine and everythings work perfectly.

But now, i want to use grafana on my windows 10 browser, so i install grafana, my Pc and the virtual machine are in a private network (so i can ping my virtual machine with my PC). But when i arrived in grafana, i cannot add an influxdb database, this doesnt’t work.

On the server adress i wrote : is the ip of the virtual machine.
Does anybody can explain me what is my fault and how can i acces my influxdb data base with my windows?

Thanks !

hi @Neith696

Do InfluxDB and Grafana live on the same host? If they do, you can use http://localhost:8086 for the data source URL.