InfluxDB Helm: Can't log in to InfluxDB

Hello there!

I’m trying to set up the TICK-stack using helm, but I’m struggling with influxdb-authorization.I tried the bitnami-chart (influxdb 5.4.17 · bitnami/bitnami) and the influxdata-chart (influxdb2 2.1.1 · helm/influxdata), port-forwarded from the cluster to localhost, accessed the ui in the browser and entered the credentials that I got from the k8s-secret, but that didn’t work.

I’m either seeing an “unauthorized” notification or I’m redirected to a blank page that shows “An InfluxDB error has occurred. Please report the issue here.” at the top. If I’m looking at the logs of the container, I see error="unauthorized access"

The same thing happens if I try to connect Chronograf to InfluxDB. This also isn’t changed by setting a fixed admin-password via --set adminUser.password=adminadminadmin".

I don’t know what else I could try. Do you have an idea of how this could be resolved?