Influxdb + fluentd + grafana architecture and requirements

Hi All,

I need to create an (fluentd, Influxdb and grafana) architecture but I don’t know how many servers and requirements (CPU, RAM,Disk space) I will need.
I will need to send syslog and logfiles from 15 servers (total around 500MB/day) to this architecture and have almost 60 days retention.
So if the operating system is CentOS 7 what should be the correct architecture?

Maybe you can try something like Single Node: 1 VM for Grafana + InfluxDB (4/6 vCPU, 8/16 GB RAM, >=1000+ IOPs, > = 150GB).

For InfluxDB: Hardware sizing guidelines | InfluxDB OSS 1.4 Documentation
Depends: Single Node/ Cluster.

For FluentD:

For Grafana: Hardware sizing guidlines for Grafana - Installation - Grafana Labs Community Forums