InfluxDB with 400 plus Nodes and Devices

We have hosted InfluxDB(Open Source Version) on a server with 16 Cores, 48 GB RAM, SSD Drive.
For R&D, Telegraf is configured on 10 Nodes. However, in the future, there would be 400+ Servers and those many SNMP Devices. We want to evaluate this. Our purpose is to monitor the server(CPU, Disk, Network, Services, Process etc) and Device Status. Interval configured inside Telegraf is 5 Second
Does open source InfluxDB cater to these requirements? Or it’s not enough, we need the enterprise version only ???
At this moment, High Availability, Data Retention is less important than Scalability of Nodes. We are even ready to use 2 InfluxDB Instances for 400 nodes.

Hi @Vishal_Lanke, we have some general hardware sizing guidelines that should give you a rough idea of what you’ll need for this workload.