InfluxDB 2 on Raspberry Pi?

Will there be a Raspberry Pi version of InfluxDB 2?

There is already arm64 build available for download: Downloads
So, you need some 64bit OS for RPI, e.g. Ubuntu 64

Thanks a lot, I need to install a 64 OS :slight_smile:

I did it over the weekend on my Rasp PI 400. It was pretty easy and the Ubuntu ARM64 imaged worked perfectly.

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Thanks a lot, I need to switch to 64 architecture :slight_smile:

Running InfluxDB 2.0 on Raspberry Pi OS (64 bit) beta in a docker container (howto), arm64 image from Repository

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Thanks, I got Ubuntu 64 in them eantime installed and it runs operfectly :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I have already running lots of stuff on my Raspi, so I can’t just use another OS.
Does anybody know if the following works:?

I followed the installtion method for influx 1.8 on pi-os 32 bit on pi-of 64 bit.

Changed the following command,

sudo apt-get install influxdb (version 1.8, 32 bit or 64 bit)


sudo apt-get install influxdb2 (version 2.0, only works on 64bit)