InfluxDB 2 for arm32v7 release date?

:wave:t2: Hey InfluxData community!

I’ve used the influxdb 2.0 container a bit, and am hoping to use influxdb 2.0 on some ARM architectures (specifically a raspberry pi for now). Are there plans to build influxdb 2.0 for ARM?

I really enjoy the ease-of-use that the influxdb 2.0 container brings, it would be great to see that for ARM architectures.


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Welcome @heath!
I’m not sure…@mhall119 do you know the timeline?

@heath we won’t be releasing an arm32v7 build / any other 32-bit builds of 2.x (you can see some information about our reasoning in this blog post). The good news is that we’re already building & releasing arm64v8 builds, including in Docker! If you pull influxdb:2.0 from an arm64 system it should do the right thing.

Newer raspberry pi’s have 64-bit hardware but ship with a 32-bit OS, so you might need to install a different OS before you can get started. Beta images of 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS are available for download here. You can also install 64-bit Ubuntu or another Linux distribution on the rpi.


Hi @Anaisdg and @Anaisdg

This is perfect, thank you both so much! Exactly the information I was looking for.

Thank you for the speedy replies!


Hi all,

Maybe a bit late, but it seems allot of you are suffering from the same issue: Lack of ARM 32-bit support. For my personal projects I needed Influxdb2 to run on a 32-bit ARM board. Influxdb 1.x was not an alternative. As a solution I have created a way to fully automated build Influxdb 2.x and client DEB/RPM packages for ARMv7A / armhf based boards. This includes RaspberryPI 2 and 3. Not sure about 4. Give it a try. Feel free to use the prebuild packages to build your own. Takes only a few minutes of your time and doesn’t require any advanced cross-compile or Linux knowledge.


Christian (NL)