Influxdb 1.8 service is filling and consuming all the memory of the server

We are having performance issues with 1.8 version.
Influxdb service is filling and consuming all the memory of the server . It was 64GB memory.
We increased the memory to 96GB. But 2 days later it filled that 96GB memory too.
So this effects every application on this server. Grafana and influxdb integration also.
Every 4-5 days i need to restart the influxdb service to relax the influxdb server and decrease memory usage. It decrease to 16-18GB influxdb service usage. But then it fulls and consumes all 96GB. How can i identify the problem?

Hello @cslm,
yes unfortunately this is a common issue with 1.x. It’s a large reason why the storage engine was rewritten for 3.x:

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of ways to diagnose this problem. 1.x consumes all available memory and there isn’t operator control on limiting it. :frowning: I wish I had a better answer for you.

Thanks Anaisdg.
Is restarting service every 12 hours automatically can be a workaround solution?

What can be a workaround for this? We cannot upgrade influxdb for some internal reasons.

@cslm did you find any work around for this?

Hello chakrag,
Only solution i found is restarting service before it fills all memory. I wrote a script thay is checking memory every 2 minutes. İf memory is filled more than %45 the script is restarting influxdb service.