Influxdata cloud 2.0 -begineer

Dear Team,

Just starting influxdb for timeseries data .Just signup and then created bucket . I have uploaded annotated csv. I got success message. i tried to see the uploaded data .i am getting the below error

executing query: failed to create Flight record reader: arrow/flight: could not create flight reader: arrow/ipc: could not read schema from stream: arrow/ipc: could not read message schema: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Error while planning query: SQL error: ParserError(“Expected end of statement, found: SELECT”)

i am trying the following use case to explore influxdata cloud
1-create a storage
2-Upload Some data
3-View the uploaded data
4-Visualize it.

please help me . Kindly share some videos or tutorials for begineers


As far as I can see this is a bug. But you can get around it by selecting some measurments, and enabling the “Schema browser” see this video for details:

Hi Gunnar,

Really thanks for your support. its working fine now.