Error when querying NOAA dataset in InfluxDB essentials course

The new UI of InfluxDB free account allows SQL queries only.
I manually uploaded the NOAA dataset but when I try to run a simple SELECT * FROM…
I get this error:

executing query: failed to create Flight record reader: arrow/flight: could not create flight reader: arrow/ipc: could not read schema from stream: arrow/ipc: could not read message schema: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Error while planning query: Schema error: No field named ‘time’.

have the same error. doesn’t look like they fixed anything yet

@dinofm @gaja
I would recommend downloading the OSS version of Influxd and using the script editor there. I struggled when using the cloud version to follow the 101 course.

See above image for running the query from the OSS server on Windows (via WSL2 hosted influxd v2.6)