Influxd inspect export-lp only exports timestamps, no value

I am trying to extract a single measurement from an old 1.8 database to write it to my newly updated 2.6 bucket. Which I had deleted before I made the update. I still had a copy of the 1.8 datbase so I opened it in my VM and used the following command

influxd inspect export-lp
–bucket-id ea022d27805f583d
–engine-path /var/lib/influxdb/.influxdbv2/engine
–measurement “0_userdata.0.counter.gas”
–output-path /backup/export2.lp

the file contains all the rows but only 3 columns, the measurement name, ack and time

0_userdata.0.counter.gas ack=true 1641786282672000000

If I check with influx v1 shell I can see that everything is there:

1┃ 1641786282672000000┃ true┃system.adapter.javascript.1 ┃ 0.0000000000┃ 22806.96

where 22806.96 is the value.

Any idea what I’ve missed?