Influxdb can not export only a series or measurement to line feed protocol


I’m trying to export only a portion of a database or retention policy from a customer install of influx, and send it to me for import. I think the easiest way to do this is with influx_inspect, however the export feature of influx_inspect only can filter the export by database name, start/end time, and the retention policy. I don’t want to export an entire retention policy, or database. I only need a series, or a measurement(s). Is there no way to do this? I presume not, and have opened a issue for it in github.

If there’s another way to easily, without exporting the whole retention policy, get specific series, or measurements filtered by regex or tag values, let me know. Thanks.

I know I can do a select and export as CSV, but I don’t see an easy way to re-import that to influx on my side once I get it.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?


the influx_inspect command is for exporting an entire database structure. I don’t believe you can add filters to it

You are better off having them export the data in a different format and importing it. It won’t be as easy but you also won’t get all the data.

The other option would be for them to insert the data into a different database using a select -> write statement and then using influx_inspect to export it