Influxb on MacOS

Hi There,
I have used InfluxDb on Raspberry Pi quite extensively without too many problems. Same with Ubuntu.
I have now installed InfluxDB on a MacOS using brew and I am attempting to connect to it from Grafana installed on the same machine to read the data, and from few Raspberry Pi to write the data. All devices are on the same network.

I am very confused because I am under the impression that InfluxDB on MacOS is quite different. I mean, I cannot use the same commands from terminal I use on the Raspberry Pi and on Ubuntu. Cannot connect the datasource from Grafana.

My understanding is that InfluxDB on MacOS has a WebUI and from terminal Influx-CLI is the environment to be used. I have installed both InfluxDb and Influx-cli.
I can see the WebUi on port 8086.
I am unable to connect the datasource in Grafana to such port using the credentials I created for the first user on InfluxDB.
I have not attempted yet to write to InfluxDB.

Because I have learned to use InfluxDb on a different system (Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu), I feel the approach on MacOS is different. Could you kindly guide me on how to connect the Grafana datasource to read the data and the Pi to write the data to InfluxDb on MacOS?

I have not found anything of help until now and the documentation is quite cryptic.
I would really appreciate some help pointing me in the right direction. Particularly I am lost with the Token topic which is not used in my previous experiences.

Thank you

Most users use MacOS with InfluxDB.
It shouldn’t be that different, it should be easier to yse.
Which commands aren’t the same/which ones are you struggling with?

Here’s the documentation on connecting Grafana to Influxdb:

Here’s a tutorial writing to InfluxDB v2 with sensor data from a pi with a python script.

Here’s an arduino example:

Let me know if that helps or if I can share more resources. Thanks!

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Thank you.
I had problems with the Authorisation Token but has been resolved.
Grafana is now connected.

Thanks for your help

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