Influx db not receiving data at the specified intervals

i am using various input tail plugin to fetch system metrics and populate them in influxdb.
i have specified an interval of 10s in the telegraf.conf file and this setup was working fine but for past few days data is not being reported into influxdb at the specified time interval.
in fact the data reporting is not even periodic anymore.
i then tried to output the data into a local file to check if it repeats and data appears to report in the file just fine.

could anyone please help with this situation?

Hi @neo1702 ,

do you find errors or warnings in the log files ?
Does a stop / start of telegraf solve the problem ?

best regards

no error or warning.
restart also doesn’t help.
among the system configuration input plugins only soft_interrupts is working fine, also when i enable file output soft_interrupts keeps running for a long time before other plugins show up.

it seems the problem is with the interrupt plugin. can i somehow disable the soft_interrupts and check if my observation is correct?

did that using namedrop