Data not uploading into influxdb

i am using [[inputs.system]] to collect general system metrics. the data is not getting uploaded into the database. while trying to investigate the cause i uncommented the [[outputs.file]].
i could see the data in the file… but the same is missing from database.
only the uptime_format field is getting populated in the database while i can see all the data in the file, below is an example:

output from db
time | load1 | load15 | load5 | n_cpus | n_users | region | uptime | uptime_format

2019-11-05T09:32:20Z | - | - | - | - | - | br | - | 0:51

output from file
system,host=brazil3,region=br uptime_format=" 0:37" 1572945470000000000
system,host=brazil3,region=br uptime=2241i 1572945470000000000
system,host=brazil3,region=br load1=2.2,load5=1.97,load15=1.75,n_cpus=4i,n_users=4i 157294547000000000

Hello @neo170,

Thanks for your question! Can you please share your telegraf config for debugging? Ps have you tried setting debug=true?

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