Data not uploading into influxdb

i am using [[inputs.system]] to collect general system metrics. the data is not getting uploaded into the database. while trying to investigate the cause i uncommented the [[outputs.file]].
i could see the data in the file… but the same is missing from database.
only the uptime_format field is getting populated in the database while i can see all the data in the file, below is an example:

output from db
time | load1 | load15 | load5 | n_cpus | n_users | region | uptime | uptime_format

2019-11-05T09:32:20Z | - | - | - | - | - | br | - | 0:51

output from file
system,host=brazil3,region=br uptime_format=" 0:37" 1572945470000000000
system,host=brazil3,region=br uptime=2241i 1572945470000000000
system,host=brazil3,region=br load1=2.2,load5=1.97,load15=1.75,n_cpus=4i,n_users=4i 157294547000000000

Hello @neo170,

Thanks for your question! Can you please share your telegraf config for debugging? Ps have you tried setting debug=true?

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sorry for the late reply… caught up with other issues… i am pretty much new to this… can you please elaborate from where i can grab this info that you have asked for?

Absolutely. How did you setup your instance? Do you know where you downloaded your telegraf config?
If so, locate your telegraf config. Open it and search for debug=False. Change it to debug=True
Make sure Influx is running. Run the telegraf agent with your edited config. Look at the logs. Please share the logs.

i have set debug and quiet both to true debug=true and quiet=true.
still no log at the location specified in logfile. :frowning_face:

though i can see data in the output file