INFLUX DB Best Practice Setup on Azure


We need to set up INFLUX DB on Azure. The client is not okay with the setup of InfluxDB on Influx Cloud due to Data Privacy concerns or data control.

The challenge is that INFLUX DB should be set up on Azure(Docker, Kubernetes or VM) so that it can be restored or recovered when crashed, so what would be the best way of Setup and Restoring it?


I’m intrigued.

If you’re concerned about data privacy on Influx Cloud, why are you comfortable
with Microsoft Azure?

What’s the significant difference between the two, from this perspective?



Hi @Pooh ,

Client has it’s own privacy concerns, that’s it’s ask.


@psp316r You may consider sharing the following InfluxDB Cloud documentation regarding the privacy and security of the Platform:

You could also reach out to the InfluxData Sales Team regarding other options for client isolation.