Best Practices for Restore of Influx DB on AKS(Azure Kubernetes Service)


As of now client is on InfluxDB using Azure Marketplace, what would be the best practices to Backup and restore the InfluxDB.


@scott, can you help me here ?

@psp316r You’re using InfluxDB Cloud via Azure Marketplace?

Hi @scott ,

Yes, as per out pervious Discussions, I have setup the InfluxDB through Azure Marketplace…
As you suggested…

But after the Subscription, I can’t see any AKS or VM’s that are created in my client Azure Portal


That’s what I was trying to explain in the other thread. The actual servers and services are on Azure, but the InfluxDB Cloud infrastructure infrastructure belongs to and is managed by InfluxData. InfluxDB Cloud does not launch Kubernetes clusters on your personal Azure services.

Currently, InfluxDB Cloud doesn’t provide a way to export and store data as a backup, but as a service, it does ensure your data is secure (see InfluxDB Cloud data durability). It is possible to query data out in time-based batches and store each batch elsewhere, but this is a very manual process. There may be some other backup options that I’m not aware of, but you would have to talk to the InfluxData sales team.