Backup and restoration of influxdb cloud data

I have the usage based plan through Microsoft Azure and I have been searching for information about the backup and restoration policy.

I have found this article: InfluxDB Cloud data durability | InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) Documentation that states that automatic backups are taken periodically but there is not much information about what the recovery process is like.

In the unlikely and unlucky event of data loss, I would like to rest assured that the data is safe and possible to restore.

The only information I find about how data restoration is handeled is this fairly old question: Restore automatic backups on InfluxCloud Is this really how it works and in case yes, why does this not appear in any more formal documentation?

I also find a similar question to mine: Backing up InfluxDB 2.0 Cloud? which has not been answered.

Hello @matias,
Yes you are correct the first article is right.
You would have to contact support to get access to the automatic backups which is perhaps why you’re not finding much info here which is for free support and OSS users.

You can also use the following CLI command if you want to perform a backup yourself

For an OSS instance.

We used to have Edge Data Replication

InfluxDB Edge Data Replication | InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) Documentation

Use InfluxDB Edge Data Replication to replicate local data at the edge to InfluxDB Cloud InfluxDB.

Which could be used for your usecase but this feature isn’t continuing to receive support. If you’re still interested in it and willing to provide product feedback let me know.
Thank you