Connexion to Influxdb cloud on Azure

Hello there.

I was wandering if it possible to connect to Influxdb cloud on Azure via VPN…
On Azure, is using Influxdb cloud the resources of Azure for connecting to on-prem infrastructures or is using its own?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @rudoce,
I’m not sure…
from a colleague:
ah, no there’s no VPN provided by cloud 2 you can connect to, you’d have to use some other VPN and then your connection from that VPN’s endpoint to Cloud 2 will happen over the public internet (but encrypted via HTTP)

Do you mind me asking, what’s your usecase?

Sorry Anaisdg!! I didn’t see your answer.

We are architecting an industrial IoT solution in Azure, and we wanted to add an Influxdb as part of it. Since all the other pieces of the architecture will be hosted in Azure, and we wanted Influxdb cloud to be also in Azure, I was just wandering if the connection with Influxdb cloud would use the same VPN than the rest of the components in Azure.

Thanks in advance.