Index recreated when existing data was hosted on a new machine


I had an InfluxDB instance (v1.1.1) that I had hosted locally and had been collecting data since August 2019. Unfortunately, due to the poor architecture of the database, the index became too large and it ran out of memory.

As I needed to minimize data loss, I moved my infuxdb folders (meta, wal and data) and started a fresh instance of influxdb. Now, during December 2020 I setup a new machine with more RAM and i pointed influx to the old data - so that I could still have read access to the data. However, it recreated the index and now, even though the whole data is available, the index starts from December 2020 until January 2021 - which renders my data useless.

I did realize I had used influx v1.8.3 as opposed to the original 1.1.1 and that there are differences in the way the indices are handled. Is this why it recreated my index? Would going back to the old version influx help in recovering the lost indices?