Database droppped after abrupt restart

This has been happening for few months. I have multiple databases created in my influxdb… DB1, DB2…DB5.

The problem is one of the databases drops everytime the machine restarts abruptly.

When I say dropped, all the files in the database folder is deleted.

Can you please advise how this can be resolved.


Hello @hsingh,
Thanks for your question. I’m sorry that’s happening. I haven’t heard of that happening before.
Is this problem reproducible at all? What version of Influxdb are you using?

This is happening for last few month’s now. We have monthly restart of the machine due to windows patch installation. Once it’s installed i don’t see one particular database. However rest of the database are still available.

We are using InfluxDB1.5.2 version.

I recommend updating your version. Beyond that I don’t know how else I can help without any additional information about your problem.

Thanks Anaisdg…I will start the process of upgrade.

Can you please help me with process for upgrade.