Is it possible to re-build series information after re-building index via buildtsi

Yesterday, our disk storing InfluxDB-data ran out of space. To gain some space on the disk, I wanted to drop some series, which was not possible as I changed the index from in-memory to TSI at some point in time. To cure this, I re-build the index following the description at

Rebuild the TSI index

which involves deleting the the _series folders at data/<database_name>/

The process kind of worked, but now all the old data is gone. As it seems, data belonging to older shards than the most recent one is not accessible any more. The series/measurements belonging to “older” data are not accessible any more. New data under previously series IDs are coming in and data are accessible via these series IDs. However, data older than a certain age (about two days) seems to be lost and I cannot access data belonging to series/measurements which are currently not receiving new data.

The command “influx_inspect verify” does not show any problems with the TSM files.

Is there a way to restore the series information?

Hello @wgeithner,
Welcome. I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you, but I’ll share this questing with the InfluxDB team in case they know something I don’t.

I realized that incoming data with existing series/measurement ID re-creates the series ID and makes old data accessible again - as it seems after some while. Looks like some process is running in the background linking series-ids with existing data in the shards.

@wgeithner did you stop the influxd process before rebuilding the index? Did rebuilding the index output any errors?