Influxdb 1.7.9 with tsi1 index cannot delete measurements

HI All,

I need to drop few measurements from the database, but drop series from measurement doesnt seem to work.

Earlier before converting the index version to tsi1, ie when using in-mem i was able to use those commands.

Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

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Hello @LochanaMendis,
Did you delete shard index directories (by default, located at /<shard_ID>/index before enabling? Can you please share the InfluxDB logs when you try to drop a series? Thank you.

Hello @Anaisdg,

Thanks for the reply. I did not delete the index directories because i created the new database enabling index=tsi1 from environment variables. Do i have to still delete those directories. After deletinng what steps do i have to follow?

Thanks in advance

The measurements are most likely gone. But you will need to run the index compaction tool in 1.8 to compact your series file and reduce its size on disk.

@LochanaMendis did the compaction tool that @Anaisdg recommended work for you? I’m experiencing something similar to you.

Hi @780Farva,
I didnt use that tool, but was able to do that it the lastest versions of influxdb


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