Incident - Problem - Event Browser

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a monitoring solution and pretty close to influx stack and grafana currently. I need an event browser or problems view like in ZABBIX to see alerts. Alert History in chronograf is not enough.

I need to display alerts and resolutions in one place, with tags (global_tags from telegraf), hostnames, alert severity, category, responsible group, may be add instructions for ITMC crew.

I’m thinking possible solutions

  1. May be there is an additional open source project for displaying and managing alerts.
  2. May be I can post alerts to ZABBIX API and display in there.
  3. Entegrate to JIRA API?
    If I can’t make anything I’m thinking to develop something in house but that would be cost in important time. Please share your experiences and ideas.

I’ve tried to configure for the purpose above yet I’m getting 405 error.

I’ve created an API Key in alerta and entered as token in chronograf.

Answering myself:

  1. url in chronograf conf or user in chronograf interface should be http://alerta/api
  2. token-prefix ‘Bearer’ didn’t work even though alerta version is latest 7.x. I had to change it to ‘Key’

It works now. Still, I would like to hear if you have some alternative to alerta.