HTTP Notifications to Opsgenie


I am trying to to setup the HTTP notifications endpoint to send alerts to opsgenie, it tries to send with a “failed” status, is there anyway I can see the error code or payload?

I am using bearer as the Auth method with
Token: API key


Does the request reach opsgenie or does it fail completely?

I’ve not tried with influxDB 2, but i have Kapacitor set up with influxdb 1.5 to forward alerts to the opsgenie API. They have an integration for it.

As i’m not sure how influx2 works, i don’t know if Kapacitor is part of it or if that has been replaced in influxDB2

I can see the notifications in the _monitoring database with _sent=false, and does not reach Opsgenie.

We have an influxdb 1.7 setup with Opsgenie and that works fine.

Influxdb 2.0 only has 3 available endpoints HTTP, Slack and PagerDuty.

Maybe it will require a dedicated Opsgenie endpoint as well?